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Hanson Barn Lightshow!

Next up: Halloween!

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It's a FREE Lightshow! Although donations are greatly appreciated! Tune to 92.9 FM to listen in.



It's HAUNTING that we don't know when our next show will be.



5107 Thorne Rd.
Marengo, IL 60152

2021 Christmas Video

More About The Show

The show is roughly 15 minutes long and you can listen by tuning in to 92.9 FM to listen. This show contains approximately 45,000 Pixel LEDS. 20 Stage DMX fixtures, two stage lasers. 265 universes of dmx data. 3000ft of cable.

The Creator

Hi, I am Chris Hanson. 👋 I like playing with all things techy, especially lights. Right now, I am launching my own lighting company. For more information, visit or email us at

Fun Stats

A huge thanks to all my friends and family that helped me with this project, including friend and production designer, Sam Bolds. It took hundreds and thousands of cables, soldering, and hours in our temporary barn/workshop to get this project done.

Fun Facts

Some quick bullet points

  • The show is currently 15 minutes but we are constantly making changes
  • It took about 3 months of full time work to get the lights put up and the show runnng
  • I spent way too much money on this show. But you do crazy things for the things you love. (hence why donations are enormously appreciated)


There are some significant costs to putting on a show like this, any donation is greatly appreciated and ensures we can keep the show running.


Hanson Barn